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      Kuttiyidath Kudumbam belongs to the coastal cascade of Arabian Sea at Cheriazheekal in Alappad panchayath which is in Karunagappally, Kollam, Kerala. It is one of the most prominent and orthodox families among the coastal Araya belt of Kerala.

     The great visionary with rigid life values Late, Sri, Andy Arayan established Kuttiyidath family. He was born to Late, Sri Ayyappan Arayan of Kadayil family. After marriage and having four children Sri. Andy Arayan built a new house in a very sprawling area of 16 acres in northern side of Cheriazheekal and named Kuttiyidath house. After started living there God gifted him with another 5 children. With his nine children, two wives and several servants he had a royal life supported by booming business in coir industry.

     With his visualizing life chart, he sent his children for English Education which was rare and unavailable in those days. He kept serious and joyous relation with the erstwhile Raja of the Travancore Royal family.


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menbers for the my House

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Shiraj (Unni)

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